10 things I plan on doing after I hand in my final paper


by Sabrina Marques

  1. Make Real Soup. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I really enjoy soup. People are making the case for Tea to be a hobby and I feel like I could rally behind a soup club. However, the problem is all the soup I seem to be having is instant. Instant and mass produced. I want to cook a real soup, with vegetables and chicken and be warm and and happy.
  2. Watch Television. There was a time in my life when I knew the title every single episode of “Friends” ever made. No matter how stressed I got during the year I never missed my shows they were on while I ate breakfast. My MA has taken Television from me and I fully intend on getting it back the second my last paper is printed out. I might watch something on my phone as I bus to school.
  3. Trim a Tree. Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, I don’t plan on trimming a tree or getting a real tree for that matter. But I do plan on gathering all the library books I used for my final papers and replicating Lana’s beautiful book tree in the lounge.
  4. See my dogs.
  5. Shop. Finals season seems to correspond with the sale season and, while I haven’t left my apartment in a month, I have gotten fifty emails trying to get me me to spend money on lovely things. So I will set aside a few ours to look at those boots cut into my Queer Theory paper.
  6. Run. I have a strict write X amount of pages before I can go for a run policy and I have not been able to follow through this season. So when I hand in my last paper, I’m signing up for the marathon to make up for my lack of traction.
  7. Skate. I’m new to Ottawa but canal-skating seems to be a thing that people do here. It’s on postcards and I’d like to say that when I lived in Ottawa I spend my Sundays on the canal.
  8. Learn to Skate. I have never skated before in my life, so I need to learn before I venture out onto the water. Maybe I can find a groupon.
  9. Write Greeting Cards. Will I be writing Holiday Cards this Holiday? No. I’m going to write everyone in the MA Program a Birthday Card. I’ll be writing them these dates Feb 17, March 5, May 18, June 4, June 17, August 12, August 25, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 2, Nov 17, Dec 29. I left your names off to preserve some semblance of anonymity. And, if I’ve messed up your date, it’s probably because you told me the wrong day.
  10. Let’s face it, the second my final paper finds it’s way into the English Department mail box, I’m sleeping. Maybe, I’ll glance at the list again. Maybe…in February.

Happy Holidays!


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