SiGN (newsletter for graduate Studies in enGlish @ carletoN) provides information on activities related to Carleton’s Department of English Graduate Program as well as topics of interest to the discipline of English literature (including discussions related to disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity). The SiGN Newsletter has an up-to-date Events calendar, weekly (or bi- or tri-weekly depending on the season and events) reviews of activities in the department, and postings on conference news, research news, student news, and many other topics.

Student participation is encouraged. Students can post on any aspect of our graduate program from classes to visiting talks, discussion groups, and books read. Please feel free also to send any information about upcoming events that may be of interest to students or any reports on events that you have attended.

We also have a series of continuing columns: Publication News (announcing publications of students in the department), Conference News (announcing upcoming conferences as well as reviews of conferences students have attended), English News (announcing events of interest to the department), TA Mentor News (announcing upcoming TA Mentor events as well as reviews of past events), CFP News (announcing Calls for Papers of interest to graduate students), and After the MA (reports on life after the MA at Carleton).

All postings and questions should be sent to Brian Johnson: brian_johnson@carleton.ca