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CORAL Event: ‘The Jew that Shakespeare Drew’: Unintended Consequences of Representation and the Call for Authorial Responsibility in Depictions of Jews during the Long Eighteenth-Century

Please join in the fun on October 24, 11 am, in the Gordon Wood Lounge (DT 1811), as Carleton alumnus and current University of Ottawa doctoral candidate Aaron Kaiserman discusses his research.  October is a busy month, but you have a particularly strong reason to come to this talk – it is a fantastic opportunity to hear from a fellow graduate student as he prepares to defend his thesis.  As a further bonus, refreshments will be served!

Here is a little sneak peek from Aaron on the talk itself:

This talk will demonstrate how self-conscious efforts to rehabilitate Jews in fiction during the eighteenth century and the Romantic period provide insight into how the responsibilities of authorship were being reinterpreted at the time. To instruct and delight alone seemed no longer enough when a novelist or playwright could be accused (sometimes by him or herself) of unintentionally promoting harmful ideas about the Jewish people through thoughtless caricatures, and recognition of the problem of stereotyping in turn forced British authors to think more carefully about interfaith and intercultural politics in their work.


The Afterlives of Percy Shelley, Schoolboy Rebel

With Dr. James Brooke-Smith (University of Ottawa), on Wednesday, April 16th, at 2.30 pm, in the Gordon Wood Lounge (Dunton Tower Rm. 1811).

coral james brooke-smith

“The Schoolmaster’s Return,” 1825, courtesy of the Lewis Walpole Library.

This talk comes out of James’s very fresh research on Percy Shelley’s time at Eton and his subsequent reception within the Victorian and Edwardian public schools. It explores Shelley’s afterlife as an icon of aesthetic rebellion within the stultifying world of the school.

Refreshments will be served.
Please see for more details.

Dr. Johnson and Poetic Labour

dr johnson and poetic labour

“Thou art a Retailer of Phrases; And dost deal in Remnants of Remnants, Like a maker of Pincushions.” Unknown artist, 1803, courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Alex and I are delighted to announce a CORAL (Colloquium on Romanticism and the Long 18th Century) event.

Prof. Frans De Bruyn (University of Ottawa) will give the talk at 2.30pm, on Friday, February the 28th, in the refurbished Gordon Wood Lounge (Dunton Tower 1811) on the intriguing subject of “Dr. Johnson and Poetic Labour.”  Sumptuous refreshments will be served.

Prof. De Bruyn’s approach will resonate across eras, as he discusses how concepts of creative work affect critical ideals in style, and how the eighteenth century’s valorization of labour in writing differentiates it from preceding and succeeding periods.

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