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New Research: “Complicating Eroticism and the Male Gaze: Feminism and Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye” by Chris Vanderwees (Carleton University)

batailleCarleton University Department of English Doctoral student Chris Vanderwees has a new article in Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature exploring the relationship between feminist criticism and Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye.

from the Abstract:

Much of the critical work on Bataille assimilates his psychosocial theories in Erotism with the manifestation of those theories in his fiction without acknowledging potential contradictions between the two bodies of work. The conflation of important distinctions between representations of sex and death in Story of the Eye and the writings of Erotism forecloses the possibility of reading Bataille’s novel as a critique of gender relations. This article unravels some of the distinctions between Erotism and Story of the Eye in order to complicate the assumption that the novel simply reproduces phallogocentric sexual fantasies of transgression. Drawing from the work of Angela Carter and Laura Mulvey, the author proposes the possibility of reading Story of the Eye as a pornographic critique of gender relations through an analysis of the novel’s displacement and destruction of the male gaze.

Download the full article at Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature: Vol. 38: Iss. 1, Article 6 (2014)


Publication News: Sarah Waisvisz’s and Brenda Carr Vellino’s “Yael Farber’s Molora and Colleen Wagner’s the Monument as Post-Conflict Redress Theater”

Sarah Waisvisz and Brenda Carr-Vellino’s Yael Farber’s Molora and Colleen Wagner’s the Monument as Post-Conflict Redress Theater

Sarah Waisvisz and Brenda Carr Vellino co-wrote the article above for a  Special Issue of the journal College Literature. The special issue is entitled Human Rights and Cultural Forms (Vol. 40, Number 3, Summer 2013). It is available now through Project Muse as well as through the journal’s website. You can even download the PDFs of all the articles.

Publication News: 9/11 Article by Chris Vanderwees

Chris Vanderwees has a new article out. It can be found through the MLA database: Vanderwees, Chris. “9/11 Allegory, Conspiracy Theories, and ‘Communicative Capitalism’ in William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition“. CEA Critic: An Official Journal of the College English Association: 74.2-3 (2012 Winter-Summer), pp. 73-87.

Publication News: Chris Doody on Amazon’s Marketing of the Kindle

The following article by Chris Doody is forthcoming this summer.
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“Trying to ‘Out-Book the Book’: Amazon’s Marketing of the Kindle.” What is the History of (Electronic) Books? Spec. issue of Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada. 51.1 (Spring 2013).

This paper examines Amazon’s advertisement for its e-book reader, the Kindle. It argues that this advertisement explicitly employs the rhetoric of remediation, as coined by Bolter and Grusin. The theory of remediation explains how a new medium pays homage to the previous medium upon which it is based, while also engaged in a form a rivalry with this older medium. This rhetoric of remediation is employed by Amazon to assure readers that the reading experience on a Kindle will be the same as reading a print book (homage), while also praising the superior technology of the Kindle (rivalry). By examining how this marketing strategy is employed and considering what features of the Kindle are ignored or downplayed in its advertisement, this paper argues that the marketing of the Kindle targets a very specific type of e-book reader. More importantly, this rhetoric used for advertising purposes has the potential to influence the way that readers discuss e-books at large.

Publication News: Chris Vanderwees on “Unborn and Born-again Victims”

Here is a link to information on a book chapter that Chris Vanderwees wrote with Stuart Murray for Security, Life and Death: Governmentality and Biopower in the Post-9/11 Era (Edited by Claudio Colaguori):

Their chapter is entitled “Unborn and Born-again Victims: Governing Life through the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004”