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English Department TA Awards — Thursday, March 27, 10:30-12:00, 1811 DT

Please join us for coffee, doughnuts, and a celebration of Teaching Assistant excellence.

TA Awards Poster


TA Mentor News: Upcoming Workshop

“Art of Conversation: Facilitating Discussions.”

“You are all invited to attend and participate in next week’s TA Training workshop, entitled “Art of Conversation: Facilitating Discussions.” Professors Brian Johnson and Sarah Brouillette will join us in a conversation about preparing for class discussions and encouraging student participation. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, the 18th of September, at 6 pm in the Gordon Wood Lounge (the room next to the English Department).”

TA Mentor News: First Impressions, Standards, Attitudes, and Guidance: Summary of Discussions

First Impressions, Standards, Attitudes, and Guidance: Summary of Discussions


The first workshop of the semester was quite the mixture of lighthearted anecdote sharing and serious reflection. Chris Kerr, Alex Grammatikos, and Adrien Robertson joined me and the English Department’s first year Teaching Assistants in a discussion of the attitudes, expectations, and tone that TAs may bring and/or encounter in the classroom.

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