ENGL 5005

Welcome to the course homepage for ENGL 5005 MA Seminar. Check back here for links, readings, and other course information.

Electronic Readings

Arnold, The Function of Criticism at the Present Time

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Examples of Teaching Philosophy Statements from University of Western Ontario

The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0 (Stanford Humanities Lab, 2009)

Kirschenbaum, What Is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments?

The Landscape of Digital Humanities

Something Called Digital Humanities

Defining the Digital Humanities

Berry, The Computational Turn: Thinking About the Digital Humanities

Segran, What Can You Do With a Humanities PhD, Anyway?

Bérubé, What Will You Do With an English Degree? Plenty

Mexal, Don’t Be Afraid of Going to Graduate School in the Humanities

Fettner, The Crisis in the Humanities and the Corporate Attack on the University

Professionalization in Perspective

Nelson, What Has English Wrought: The Corporate University’s Fast Food Discipline (click on pfd for full article)


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